The Next Step: Live on Stage

Live on Stage Tour 1/6/17

I went to see The Next Step: Live on stage at Usher Hall and they were AMAZING!
Who was there – Brittany ( Riley ), Jordan ( Giselle ), Victoria ( Michelle ), Myles ( Noah ), Briar ( Richelle ), Shelby ( Amy ), Alexandra ( Piper ) and Isaiah ( Henry )
They also showed us a couple videos –
¬†Bree ( miss kate ) and Natalie ( Phoebe ) doing a skit pretending they were outraged that they weren’t invited to the show and they did a terrible dance routine, making us all laugh.
Trevor also did a video, Myles talking to him from the stage, ¬†showing off his impressive beat boxing skills, paired with Trevor’s not so impressive singing skills.
I also found out that Myles and Briar are a couple! During the Q+A, somebody asked about Briar’s necklace, she then admitted that Myles had got her that necklace. aww.
They did almost every style of dance from ballet to hip hop to contemporary to jazz, it was so cool

After the show, a bunch of us waited for the dancers to come out the backdoor, to see them up close